Canine Massage



“Massage is valuable not only in cases of injury and disease, but also for promoting the general health, and preventing it (from) being lowered under ordinary conditions of life….”  .”The evident pleasure which stroking gives to animals and the delight tired horses, dogs and cats take in rolling, are the convincing proof of the health-giving effect of massage”These quotes are not from a recent book but in fact are from “the Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners” which was published in 1877 over 120 years ago.  Canine massage has been a recognised form of therapy for many years and it now becoming more accepted in the public eye.


Why have your dog massaged Massage?

Canine massage is a form of physical therapy.  It has so many physical and psychological benefits for you pet that it could be almost seen as an necessity of health care much like grooming and feeding.  It relieves pain and discomfort by releasing the naturally produced chemicals ( endorphins) into the body. Animal’s are more responsive to touch and are also very well known to have high pain thresh holds so it is not always easy to the untrained eye to see if they are injured.  They benefit greatly from the benefits of massage performed by a trained specialist.


The benefits of massage

  – Releases Muscle stiffness

– Releases chronic tension

– Removal of Metabolic waste

– Reduces muscle fatigue

– increases circulation

– Aids in flexibility of joints

– Excellent for athletes, arthritis, post operative care and Hip dysplasia.


Sports Massage

At Canine Body Works we use the tried and true method of sports massage on our clients.  This method differs greatly from spiritual or “touch” massage.  It is designed to penetrate deep into muscle tissue to reduce the damaged caused by waste build up resulting from either exercise/surgery or performance events.



Success stories by Canine Body Works

We have worked on hundreds of dogs including those involved in agility, confirmation, obedience, herding, greyhound racing, post operative patients and the elderly.  Some of our successes are

– An agility Sheltie could not bend is elbow was able to compete at the USA Nationals placing 3rd after 1 treatment

– A Herding Border Collie who could not extend/turn or drive was able to return to herding after treatment

– An Italian greyhound that was unable to jump due to the pain in the hind leg was able to compete and qualify after 1 treatment


Please contact us to see how we are able to assist you and have a look around at our web site as the the services we offer as well as meet our own 4 legged friends. (That one of my dogs “Mickey” pictured)


Please note that Massage is not to be used in place of Veterinary care at any time

  Please use the “Contact Tab” to contact us for an appointment

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