I have been asked for some time do I do private lessons and have always answered no. The truth is, I dont have time for regular lesson but then I do love helping people. The demand has increased since returning from the World Agility Championships in Texas in May 2012 so I have come up with a solution that will work well for everyone.


Whilst I am unable to offer regular weekly lessons, I am happy to offer training help with 20120530-20120530-183133issues you may have. Say you are having problems with getting your dogs attention on course, or dont know how to handle a course efficiently and have some questions, or if your weave poles are just not happening. You may be frustrated at your club as you just need one on one help to get you through the rough patch. Well that is where I am happy to help out.

We also offer Mini sessions ever few months when time permits as well which is a better way to cover a lot of information. Below is the list and we will be doing these through out the year. If you have any questions please use the contact form and we can go from there.

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