Welcome to Canine Body Works, where we help you to understand the complications CanineBodyWorks_PRINTWEBONLYLogo_FINAL copybehind Canine Massage with Natalie Winter CMT, JP.  Natalie is a fully certified Canine Massage Therapist who specializes with post operative recovery dogs and canine performance athletes at her Shoalhaven clinic in NSW, Australia.

Its also home of the International Best Selling Book “Canine Massage in Plain English”, which was picked up and produced by the wonderfully talented team at CleanRun in the USA. We have an online store where you can purchase this remarkable book that allows you to look after your pooch at home, so just pop over to the book tab for full details on the book, and how to buy it.

You are welcome to follow our Blog as well, which will be a combination of life with some radical dogs ( and kids) as well as some training exercises that we will be putting up due to numerous requests for people to get help from Natalie with their agility training.  Natalie has been trialing now for over 23 years with more than 100 agility titles in 2 countries and quiet a few obedience, confirmation and endurance titles as well.  She has competed and gained titled breeds including Border Collies, Australian Koolies, Cavaliers, Golden retrievers and even a rescue dog or 2!

The blog will be updated when time permits between running Caninebodyworks and our other businesses Camera Chick ( Australia’s largest supplier of women’s camera bags and accessories) and her busy photography business On the Ball Photography

We also custom hand make beautiful Kangaroo Leather Leads designed for the show ring ( well they are made by Nat’s mum Ros) which you can see and purchase at the Dog Lead tab.  Chances are if you have seen a Kangaroo Leather lead in the ring – its one of ours and yes, we ship the leads internationally.

And lastly, make sure you stop over and see my dogs that are my inspiration in every day life.  Without them, my life would be pretty ordinary for sure.

For appointments at our Shoalhaven Clinic in NSW or questions please use the contact tab of email us


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